Ground and Missions Operations and Integration

4M Research provides Ground and Mission Operations in support of NASA at the Huntsville Operations Support Center (HOSC). Support includes Ground System expertise to integrate users and services into the Mission Environment. Mission Operations support includes console operations, planning, system expertise, and training providing critical link between the Ground Ops Team and astronauts on the International Space Station. 4M’s support consists of all flight phases: mission prep, crew and flight controller training, real-time spaceflight ops support, and ISS research utilization (e.g., Payload, experiment, International Partner) requirement support.

Our Support Includes

Mission Operations

  • Ensuring payload and experiment mission success by verifying required resources and constraints are in place
  • Coordinating payload anomaly troubleshooting and resolution as well as recovery of payloads impacted by system failures
  • Knowledge of systems-to-payloads/experiment interfaces; payload experiment hardware/software; rules, regulations, safety, and operational procedures
  • Reviewing CDR Data Packs; writing payload crew procedures; defining, coordinating and performing crew payload training; supporting usability tests; developing Phase III Cadre Training
  • Provide expertise to support development of real-time flight products as well as Flight Rules and Payload Regulations
  • Console Operations (flight, sim, test)
  • Training
  • Manage the Execution of Payloads and Experiments
  • Manage the data links for maximum utilization

Ground Operations

  • Operations Concept Development
  • Training Development
  • Procedure Development and Implementation
  • Certification of Flight Readiness (CoFR) for people, systems, and interfaces
  • Contingency Operations
  • Execution of mission timelines to satisfy mission objectives
  • System Anomaly Analysis and Root Cause Determination