System Engineering and Analysis

4M personnel have supported multiple programs from concept development to fielding. Specific Systems Engineering support areas include: design trades, algorithm design and prototyping, software/hardware integration, hardware/software component testing, test planning, test execution, data analysis, and program documentation. 4M has experience supporting air defense systems, Army aviation platforms, and NASA systems in one or more of these specific areas.

Programs Supported

4M personnel conduct VV&A for the M&S used to test and assess the integrated Missile Defense System’s effectiveness and interoperability.

For example, we helped write and implement the MDA MDS M&S Federation V&V Plan and Accreditation Plan.

We developed and helped successfully implement an Agency-wide plan to resolve long-standing M&S limitations and gaps in documentation that previously prevented accreditation.

We conduct analysis to support VV&A of core truth models, to verify correct implementation of threat data across the M&S federation, and to quantify the impacts of M&S limitations on use of the data for MDS assessment.

4M personnel assist with planning, architecture development, and coordination to conduct experiments that test new potential algorithms for the Command Control Battle Management and Communications (C2BMC) system.

For example, we support the C2BMC BMD System Track (BST) analysis and working groups.

We conducted analysis to support SAWG Integration Point 4 (SIP4).

4M personnel provide analysis expertise regarding advanced tracking and discrimination algorithms, which are being considered for inclusion in new radar builds.

4M personnel assisted MDA is standing up a new Architecture Assessment team under the MDA Chief Architect.

In that role, 4M staff identified and prioritized capability gaps between the forecasted threat and program of record.

4M assessed potential future MDS architectures and provided feedback to ensure that they addressed the capability gaps and met Warfighter needs.

4M staff spearheaded an effort to migrate the Achievable Capabilities List (ACL) into a digital product (the Capability Gap Tracker) that is updated quarterly and that allows the user to sort and filter information to quickly inform decision-making.

4M personnel are also supporting the new Strategic Planning and Communication group under the MDA Chief Architect.

In this role, 4M staff are leading the effort to convert the MDA Future Architecture Roadmap from PowerPoint into a digital product.

4M personnel support pre-test planning and analysis activities for IBCS and Poland’s WISLA program.

Our team works with the IAMD Project Office to ensure success of upcoming flight tests and demonstration events.

We also provide software engineering support for the user interfaces of both the IBCS and WISLA systems.

Our Support Includes

  • Project Management
  • Concept Development
  • Prototyping
  • Algorithm Testing and Assessment
  • Architecture Analysis and Assessment
  • Capability Gap Assessment
  • Digital Engineering
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Modeling and Simulation (M&S)
  • Trade Studies
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • First Principles Analysis
  • Clear Communication of Complex Technical Concepts
  • Requirements Development
  • System Integration
  • Operations Research